Sustainable and innovative

SDS Shipping always looks to the future. Potential improvements have our constant attention. Both for increasing the efficiency aboard our barges and for making our transport performance more sustainable. We also develop barges and substantially invest in innovation. We do this on our own initiative, but also by actively participating in projects of governments and other parties. This allows us to always concretely try out innovations to next immediately implement them throughout our fleet if they prove successful.

Developing barges

From tanker to dry cargo vessel, we are actively involved in the development of new ship types with different types of propulsion - such as hydrogen or electric propulsion - and the use of new digital technologies.

Similarly, we are also looking at longer-term developments, such as autonomous sailing. Several of our barges are equipped with a track pilot for automatic navigation. Other ships in the fleet use a Covadem Box. Through real-time water depth measurements, water levels can be optimally predicted, thus improving loading.

Stimulating sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability ranges from participation in studies and research to concrete projects. CO2 reduction is a continuous ambition, for which we work together with our suppliers. By equipping ship engines with catalytic converters and particulate filters, we substantially reduce NOx emissions. We measure the emissions of our barges directly at the exhaust. On the basis of this, we are able to show customers their ecological footprint per transported container.

Currently, several barges within SDS Shipping have already received a Green Award, an independent quality mark for ships that meet stringent requirements in the field of the environment and safety.