Focus on practice

SDS Shipping is familiar with all facets of inland shipping. We operate, develop and invest. In addition, we provide barge entrepreneurs with support services. SDS Shipping takes the lead whenever working together results in added value. It is not for nothing that SDS is an abbreviation of ‘Sterker Door Samenwerking’ (Stronger Through Cooperation). The barges in our fleet can fully focus on their daily operation.

Collective purchasing

Collectively, SDS Shipping is able to achieve better conditions for purchasing. Furthermore, together we can operate more smartly. Regarding the stocking of spare parts, for example. Doing this collaboratively is more efficient than for each barge individually.

Implementation of laws and regulations

New legislation and regulations often require major or minor adjustments. SDS Shipping is taking the lead in this for all ships within the fleet. In this way, we ensure a smooth implementation. In a similar manner, we see to it that existing certificates, etc., do not expire. We collectively organise safety trainings for all the crews aboard the barges that operate within SDS Shipping. No action is required from the individual skipper for this.

Acquisition and sale of barges

We purchase and sell ships to both replace existing barges and to further expand our fleet. In that respect, barges that are already in service are just as interesting to us as the commissioning of new ships. We also participate in new construction projects of third parties.

Support for starting entrepreneurs

We help starting entrepreneurs who want to build a future in inland shipping with their own ship. This goes beyond just financial involvement. We are also glad to assist starters in navigating often complex legislation and regulations, personnel matters and everything else that is necessary to make an inland shipping enterprise truly successful.